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Bookings: KindePay

KindePay is a tool and a currency founded on principles of kindness, generosity and reciprocity, "re-imagining what money can be and do". You can read more about KindePay from its creators Peacebeam here. 

RS is delighted to be a KindePay merchant, accepting acts of kindness as part-payment for selected workshops, events and other offerings.



You might have been directed to this page in order to complete your booking and payment process. If so, please complete the form here on this page, and you will receive confirmation. No sign-ups, no data mining - just simple recognition of the value of your kindness as part of this exchange. 

Your acts of kindness can be large or small, public or private, for yourself or someone else, seen or unseen by another human eye. There is no evidence required, and no value scale applied to what you choose to say. You can browse the prompts on this page for inspiration...

RS bookings with KindePay

Thank you from KindePay! You will receive acknowledgement by email.

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