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Creative Alchemy

A series of workshops offered especially for these times of disentanglement and transformation.

Drawing from mythology, tarot, astrology, poetry, nature connection, art and alchemy - re/weaving them into creative practice and ways of being.

Grown from the original series of workshops first delivered in 2022 and 2023, Creative Alchemy will return with future dates - watch this space, or email to enquire: 

Sessions are sometimes offered as a complete series, also as individual pick-and-mix one-off workshops; online and occasionally in-person. New subjects are added from time to time, as the series evolves. Available dates will be shown here, and in the Diary. Current sessions include: 

The Quickening Word
The importance of intention design. Thought - text - voice - action!

Is it Fear or is it Love? 
The Devil + The Lovers cards. Spell for a Fearless Heart.

Sigil Craft
Taking your intentions to the next level. Technique and practical applications.

The Akashic Garden 

An original imaginative exercise, plus The Sun card.

Meet Your Charioteer  
The Chariot card + others. The Spell of Six Keys. 

Shadow Stories

The Moon card, Samhain. Eat Your Ghosts. 

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