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Creative Alchemy was a series of workshops new for 2022

"2022 is the year of revelations and revolutions" – Pam Gregory, astrologer

A new range of workshops offered especially for these times of disentanglement and transformation.

Drawing from alchemy, mythology, tarot, archetypes, symbolism - re/weaving them into creative practice.

Feel free to enquire for if/when these workshops will be repeated - all current events are listed in the Diary page. 

THE QUICKENING WORD: text, speech and… counting sheep

Wednesday 2 Feb 2022

2.00pm-4.00pm GMT, on Zoom

£22 + 1 KindePay token* (2 x accessible £11 places available upon request)

For Imbolc and the Quickening of Spring (2nd Feb), come and awaken your intentions for the time ahead. Drawing from mythology, archetypes, astrology and nature-based spell-crafting practices; learn how to increase the focus and power of the words you choose, and how you use them. You will end the session with a new piece of writing, as well as a raft of useful ideas and techniques to carry forward. No experience necessary, this is for everyone who uses words. We will close the session with a shared spoken-word awakening ritual to refresh, energise and launch us into the year ahead.

SIGILS: crafting with intention

Friday 18 March 2022

2.00pm-4.00pm GMT, on Zoom

£22 + 1 KindePay token* (2 x accessible £11 places available on request)

This workshop will explore some of the historical context and application of sigils (magickal symbols); diving further into how to craft your own and how to use them. With practical, real-time writing and crafting guidance, you will end the session with at least 1 working sigil, as well as the skills and confidence to make more. Activities will include intention-setting and refining your intentions; methods of sigil design and construction; how to charge and release your sigils; tips for ritual and spell-crafting with sigils. Sigils as talismans and amulets. Pointers for practical resources and further work.

THE AKASHIC GARDEN: let the sunshine in... 

Saturday 30 April 2022

2.00pm-4.00pm GMT, on Zoom

£22 + 1 KindePay token* (2 x accessible £11 places available on request)

We gather just before Beltane (1 May / May Day). Timed for the onset of summer, our goal will be to clarify and amplify your 'alchemical Gold'. To you, your ‘Gold’ might be represented by your existing creative practice (all art forms welcome) – or in any other sense, your you-ness in its highest expression. Whether this feels newly emerging, well-established, or going through a process of change and transformation. The Akashic Records are a sort of collective, timeless, universal library of energetic information. Through a series of bespoke exercises and activities, we will gather tools and inspiration. As well as creating your own individual work this way (written and visual), you’ll have new tools to use; and we’ll finish with an informal sharing.

The Lovers + The Devil

Friday 20 May 2022

7.00-8.00pm GMT, on Zoom - £10

2022 is The Year of The Lovers – but The Devil’s in the details…

A close look at the Lovers and Devil cards of tarot, how they relate to each other, the stories they can tell about the times we’re living in, and about ourselves. Then focusing on The Lovers, there will be a guided exercise to reveal the messages that the archetype has for you right now. 

'A lamp quiet-lighted' : Alchemy for the Dark

Monday 31 October 2022

2.00-4.00pm GMT on Zoom

£22 + 1 KindePay token* (2 x accessible £11 places available upon request).

We gather on Samhain, Halloween, to honour endings and beginnings on the Witches’ New Year. Drawing from a cauldron of resources, we will activate deep Earth Magic and the alchemy of darkness. Through guided exercises we’ll explore the lessons and gifts of the darker months, the Yin time of year; how we can honour and alchemise this inward turn of the Wheel. We’ll be taking a deep, dark dive into The Moon card of tarot – exploring fear, illusion and what lies in the shadows, greeting our creature-selves that only come out at night. You’ll receive a ritual to perform for yourself on Samhain night, which we’ll prepare together.

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INFO + BOOKING for all workshops :

Please contact in the first instance to receive information for payment, and any preparation that might be required for the session. Feel free to ask any questions.

*KindePay converts kindness into currency. As a KindePay merchant, RS is accepting kindness as part payment for these workshops.

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