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With her early experience in theatre and performance, Rebecca's work is suffused with an interdisciplinary approach.  Currently based in Fife, Scotland, she has made work throughout the UK by a variety of residencies, commissions and artist-led projects.  


As a writer, she has worked in collaboration with sound artists, composers, musicians, performers and visual artists, making work in formal, informal and site-specific contexts.  


Recent work has combined poetry and performance (The Ballad of Juniper Davy and Sonny Lumiere), poetry and paintings (Unmapped), text and sound art (Rules of the Moon), poetry and textiles (Fathoming: setting poetry to silk), poetry and scent (Five Charms for the Potingair).  Her most recent play, The Air That Carries The Weight, was performed at the Traverse theatre in Edinburgh in 2016, commissioned by Stellar Quines theatre company.


She regularly runs creative writing and interdisciplinary workshops in educational and community settings.

'Impossible not to be moved by these restless, shifting

poems… This is a beautifully balanced work, a

collection that is both unnervingly strange yet also

life-affirmingly human.'  (Anna Crowe)

Photo by Raz Ullah

'fascinatingly complex, audacious and at times

brain-poppingly clever work'.  

(Neil Cooper, Herald Scotland)

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'beautiful, lyrical work... a vision which is perhaps

nearer the truth than we know.' (Meg Bateman)

Rebecca Sharp - photo Raz Ullah

'A high-risk play – more great flight of lyricism than

conventional drama… downright thrilling…

At times, Sharp’s poetry is simply immense.'

(Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman)

Rebecca Sharp is a writer and artist whose practice encompasses text,

performance, visual and collaborative projects.