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'Impossible not to be moved by these restless, shifting

poems… This is a beautifully balanced work, a

collection that is both unnervingly strange yet also

life-affirmingly human.'  (Anna Crowe)

Photo by Raz Ullah

'fascinatingly complex, audacious and at times brain-poppingly clever work'.  (Neil Cooper, Herald Scotland)

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'beautiful, lyrical work... a vision which is perhaps

nearer the truth than we know.' (Meg Bateman)

Rebecca Sharp - photo Raz Ullah

'A high-risk play – more great flight of lyricism than

conventional drama… downright thrilling…

At times, Sharp’s poetry is simply immense.'

(Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman****)

Playwright, poet and interdisciplinary artist.

Rebecca Sharp is a writer whose practice encompasses text,

performance, visual and collaborative projects.  

'Sharp’s time and character shifts create an ever-altering mosaic of changing moods and chronologies over which both writer and actors maintain seemingly effortless control. ...a very considerable achievement, creating a distinctive and thought-provoking piece where linearity and literalism would have utterly failed to do so.' (Bill Dunlop, Edinburgh Guide ****)