Rebecca Sharp

"Her harp, her words and voice are an absolute joy to listen to.  The song Stars Got Stuck is remarkably poignant and startlingly striking in its delivery and instrumentation. The stark wording set against a delightful shower of chimes, harmonics and soaring chord progressions is utterly beguiling."

"The Arches Theatre Festival has thrown up few more accomplished works than Rebecca Sharp's Danger: Hollow Sidewalk.   Sharp has penned a fascinatingly complex, audacious and at times brain-poppingly clever work... A major find."

"It's the posterity-seeking cry from the wilderness everyone needs to kid themselves they're not alone."

Herald Scotland review by Neil Cooper -  on Last Child, July 2001

Herald Scotland review by Neil Cooper -  on Danger: Hollow Sidewalk, April 2006

BBC Manchester review, June 2009